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The Thornhill Rites of Passage Foundation offers a thoughtfully curated and comprehensive curriculum to develop young men, starting in Grade 7, with programming impactful today and critical to their long-term success. Our mission is to empower young men of color to navigate unique cultural challenges — social, economic and developmental — by building the Core4: Character, Competence, Competitiveness and Citizenship to secure access to a future without limits.


HūMan Rites Of Passage ProgramTM (HūROP)
• This program targets 7th–8th grade boys of color who participate in a 12-month experience that prepares them for manhood, including mentorship by an engaged network of successful male mentors.
• Through experiential sessions, the holistic program covers nine focus areas of development (physical, intellectual, economic, social, civic, cultural, global, intellectual, and moral) that aim to positively impact young men of color and the communities they will serve.
• The experience culminates with the young men delivering a public speech in multiple languages, and the fathers decreeing a blessing over their son.


Applications are available now through April 1

The Core  4


The mental and moral qualities that make you the distinctive person you are; the inner quality that shows on the outer actions.


Possession of a strong desire to be more successful than others; the quality of being better than others of comparable nature


Possessing the necessary ability, knowledge or skills to do something successfully


Possessing the legal status or position to inhabit a particular country or domain

Results of Program

  • Demonstrated growth with each participant over the year - a better knowledge of self, stronger bonds with other boys of color, and increased academic success:

  • Every young man doubled their investment of $250 generating new ideas and business enterprises.

  • Every young man has an activity resume, cover letter and interviewing skills

  • Young men introduced to over 30 professional men who become their mentors

  • Every young man has improved academically and on track to college

  • Every cohort organizes a community service project  

  • Every young man delivers speech at culminating ceremony in multiple languages

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