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Monthly Sessions
2022 - 2023 Cohort

August: HuROP KickOff

August was the start of the HuROP 2022 - 2023 Cohort year-long journey. During this month, the young men met each other and the HuROP founding members. After an introduction meeting, the men hit golf balls at a driving range while getting to know each other better.


October: Money Matters Economic Lesson

October's monthly theme was 'Money management'. During this session, the young men attended an economic lesson with HuROP Alumni Parent Troy Keen Sr. They learned how to write checks and the importance of money management. Afterwards, the young men completed a breakout escape room together.


December: Civil Legal Awareness

December's monthly theme was 'Legal Awareness.' During this session, the young men visited the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. During their visit, they met with several judges, attorneys, and police officers who educated them on the law and their profession. Afterward, the cohort went to a gun range and learned how to handle firearms properly.


September: Emotional Intelligence & Strategic Thinking

September's monthly theme was 'Intelligence and Strategy.' During this session, the young men went to the U.S. Whitewater Center. They tested their abilities of intelligence and strategy by completing a rock climbing and obstacle course, individually and as a team.


November: Social Etiquette

November's monthly theme was 'Social Etiquette.' During this session, the young men sat down at the pristine restaurant, Illios Noche. There, the men were served a seven course dinner and learned how to properly use social etiquette when preparing and eating dinner. After eating, the cohort went to the K1 Speed Track and raced go-karts.


January: Small Business Pitch Competition

January's monthly theme was 'Entrepreneurship.' During this month, the young men competed in a small business pitch competition. In this competition, the young men pitched their business to a panel of judges to win the ultimate prize of $500 towards their business. After the competition, the young men attended dinner at the house of CPI Security's CEO, Ken Gill.


February: Know your narrative

February's monthly theme was 'Knowing your narrative.' During this session, each young man completed a family tree after taking an Ancestry DNA test. Dr. Spurgeon Webber then led a discussion about the importance of knowing where you came from, as each young man shared their ancestral history. The following day, the cohort attended church together. While at church, they met the pastor and even spoke to their fellow churchgoers about their faith.


April: College Tour of the Carolinas

April's monthly theme was 'College Exposure.' During this month, the young men went on college tours across North Carolina to North Carolina Central, Duke University, and UNC Chapel Hill. While touring each college, the young men learned about admission processes and career pathways, and met with several admissions and college alums.


June: Culminating Ceremony

June's monthly theme was 'Culmination.' After a year-long journey of learning new skills, making new connections, and becoming self-empowered, the cohort of young men was celebrated in a ceremony declaring their step into 'manhood.'

Thornhill (1).jpg

March: Leadership on the Line

March's monthly theme was 'Leadership.' The young men spent time with Kenny Gathers & James Frison during this session. These two men taught valuable leadership skills to the cohort and shared personal experiences of using leadership in the real world.


May: Life Survival Skills

May's monthly theme was 'Survival Skills.' During this session, the young men learned valuable life skills such as water safety & swimming, proper CPR, and changing a tire. After learning these skills, the young men took an overnight camping trip, using some of their newly discovered skills to set up camp and kayak in the nearby lake.


The 2022 -2023 Cohort wrapped up a year long journey of growth, excellence, and empowerment. Please enjoy this video as it recaps the entire year and each monthly session.

2022 - 2023 Wrap Up Video

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